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We believe in flexible, affordable, quality childcare so that all families regardless of culture, diversity, ability or income are able to attend our programs. Children will be cared for in a safe, caring and nurturing environment, where children and staff are engaged in a fun, creative and active program. We are here to serve the schools’ population and meet the families’ needs in any way we can.


THIS IS AN IMPORTANT DOCUMENT SO PLEASE READ IT CAREFULLY. It contains all our Policies & Proceedures as well as our Guidelines to ensure the health and safety of all children and staff during the everyday running of our program. The answers to most of your questions are covered in it.

Please Note: When you register your child you will be asked to sign a clause saying that you have read and understood its contents.

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Parent Information Package

Here is a brief outline of what is covered in this document:


Please Note: For ease of reading all hours mentioned in this document are based on the hours at Ridgeview School but naturally we adhere to the individual times of the other schools we serve.
Session 1: 7.30am to 9.00am Session 3: 2.40pm to 6.00pm

Also note: Your child will not be accepted before 7.30am and must leave by 6:00pm.

LATE COLLECTION Please note our Centres CLOSE at 6:00pm so please ensure you get there by then.




FEES AND PAYMENT We are open throughout the school year. A $50 Registration Fee is required for each child. When you register your child you book and pay for a space for that child per month for the duration of the School Year. Stat Hols, Pro D Days, Non instructional Days, Winter Break and Spring Break are not included in the fees. That space is then guaranteed and it cannot be given to anyone else. Fees are payable monthly for the duration of a ten (10) month period, and are non-refundable in the case of non-attendance, sickness or holidays. The regular fee schedule is based on registration for 10 months. Receipts for Tax purposes will be issued in February each year.

MINISTRY SUBSIDIES For assistance with fee payment the Affordable Child Care Benefit Program through the Ministry of Education and Child Care is welcome at all our Centres.

REGISTRATION & PLACEMENT Because of the Licensed Capacity of our centres a ‘pecking order’ will be used to determine who will be placed at each Centre in September.

CHANGES IN CARE If your care needs change and you wish to reduce your regular care times, or cancel your registration, one Calendar Month's notice in writing must be given.

ADDITIONAL DAYS If the occasional additional day of care is required 24hrs. notice must be given. Once booked the appropriate fee for the required Session is due, payable and non-refundable

FLEXIBLE CARE It is not possible for us to offer care for a flexible work schedule.

WINTER & SPRING BREAKS, NON-INSTRUCTIONAL & PRO D DAYS During the school year, September to June, we will be open from 7:30am – 6:00pm and only Full Day care is offered on these days. A School Calendar is posted on each School’s website. These days are not included in your monthly fees. Registration is required and an additional fee is payable for each day your child attends. Registration Forms will be emailed directly to you.

EARLY DISMISSAL DAYS We will be open to accommodate the early dismissal times however we are only able to care for the children who normally attend on that day. A Registration Notice will be emailed directly to you.

KINDERGARTEN & GRADE 1 CHILDREN A staff member will take the Kindergarten & Grade 1 children, who attend Session 1 before school, to their classroom in the mornings, and those attending Session 3 after school will be collected from their classroom at 3:00pm

KINDERGARTEN GRADUAL ENTRY At the beginning of each School Year the Kindergarten children have a gradual entry with short school days during the two weeks of school. Our Centres will be open as usual to care for your Kindergarten children from 7:30am – 9:00am before school and 2:40pm – 6:00pm after school, but unfortunately we will not be able to accommodate them for the extra hours during the gradual entry.

ACTIVE PLAY All children are expected to go outside for at least 30 minutes every day and will be encouraged to participate in a variety of age appropriate daily physical activities. All children are expected to wear appropriate clothing in order to participate comfortably and safely in all active play.

SCREEN TIME As our Mission Statement says: The children will be encouraged to master the art of creative intelligence through play and by interaction share the experience of having fun so Screens of any sort are not welcome at any of our Centres - with the exception of Laptops for 30 mins of homework per day, when applicable.

TRANSPORTATION If transport should be necessary the children will be taken in our seven-seat passenger vans, or Staff cars, which are fully licensed and insured for such purposes, and equipped with booster seats. Any transport for Field Trips will be done in a rented School Bus. You will be required to sign a permission slip at the time of Registration.

SCHOOL BASED ACTIVITIES If your child is participating in any school activities before or after school - such as Cross Country, Track & Field, Lego or Band. Please notify us in advance as to the time their activity starts and finishes so we know what time to release and/or collect them.

OUT OF SCHOOL ACTIVITIES If your child has an out-of-school activity eg. Brownies, Soccer, Hockey etc, please let us know ahead of time.

BEHAVIOUR MANAGEMENT Our primary concern is to maintain a safe, healthy and happy environment for all children in our care. To ensure this we have clearly defined guidelines for behaviour expectations at each Centre. In order to help children to learn appropriate social behaviour they will be expected to follow a code of conduct requiring them to show: courtesy, co-operation, compliance and consideration.

DISCIPLINE School age children are at an age where they start having to make decisions about what is right and wrong. Our policy is to teach them alternative options when dealing with difficult situations or problem resolution, and to guide and assist in their decision-making, in a respectful manner, while allowing them to learn from their own mistakes.

WITHDRAWAL OF CARE The circumstances under which Erico Childcare Consultants Ltd can withdraw its services to a family.

SCHOOL CLOSURES If the Superintendent closes the Schools we are governed by that decision as well. If this should happen during School Hours 8:50am - 3.00pm the school is responsible for the children until they are collected.

EMERGENCY CLOSURES If this should happen during School hours, 8:50am – 2:40pm, your child will be under the care of the School. Please note in the case of an emergency children will NOT BE RELEASED FROM school into our care and we will not be collecting children from other schools. If this should happen after 2:40pm – 6:00pm you, or your designated person, must come to the Centre as quickly as possible to collect your child. ID will be required and the system for pick-up will be the same as that practiced in the school. Also note that families cannot name Camp Ridgeview, Holly House, La Maison or Club West as an Emergency Contact for school dismissals in the case of an Earthquake or other emergency situation.

EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS All our Staff hold valid First Aid Certificates and are trained to respond in an emergency. We also have an Emergency Plan that sets out procedures to prepare for, mitigate, respond to and recover from any emergency.

NUTRITION Please note that parents need to pack a Snack for their child to eat after school on regular school days. On NI /Pro D Days & Holidays parents need to provide a morning and afternoon Snack as well as Lunch.

MEDICATION Under no circumstances can any medication, prescription or non-prescription, be administered unless the correct medical forms have been completed and signed. These are available at each Centre for your use should you need them.

HEALTH & SAFETY If a child is unable to participate in the daily program due to injury or sickness, alternative care must be arranged by the parent. We are not staffed to care for injured or sick children and a sick child may jeopardize the health of both the Staff and other children.


ABSENCES Whenever your child is not going to attend or if someone other than the parent is picking them up PLEASE CONTACT US DIRECTLY AND LEAVE A VOICEMAIL. Do not e-mail us.

Camp Ridgeview 604-926-9142
Holly House 604-922-1404
La Maison 604-913-0609
Club West 604-926-0609