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If you are going to need care for the next School Year, it is necessary to register, or re-register your child before the end of the current school year to ensure a space.

Registration will begin in April and will be ongoing. The Re-Registration deadline for existing families will be 28 June 2018. Returning Families please use the Returning Families Registration download section online and follow the instructions there.

The sooner your Registration Form is received the better!

A non-refundable Registration/Re-Registration Fee of $50 per child is required from everyone and must be attached to your Registration Form in order to secure your space. In the past some parents have just attached their post-dated cheques but no Reg Fee. This does not ensure Registration. Registration Forms will not be accepted unless they are complete and all the required information has been received.

When writing your cheques please make sure that the amount is correct according to the Fee Schedule. If you are unsure of what your fees will be please contact us. All post dated cheques are due by the end of the first week of School. If your last name differs from that of your child please write the child’s name on each of your cheques.

The first week of school is often a concern for some working parents because of the short first day (dismissal is usually around 10:00am) and the gradual entry into Kindergarten. However, worry not! We are always open for the full day for that whole week to accommodate all schedules. So if your child has a short day, or even no school on one or more days, they still can come to us – that’s what we are here for! You just need to let us know your plans for that first week. A good rule of thumb to go by: Whenever the school is closed we are open – except on Stat Holidays.

Registration Forms for the forthcoming School Year 2018-2019 are now available.

NEW FAMILIES – Download Registration Form Here.

Read page 1 carefully then print, complete and return pages 2 – 6.

RETURNING FAMILIES – Download Registration Form Here.

Read Page 1 carefully then print, complete and return pages 2 – 4.

For Camp Ridgeview, Holly House, La Maison & Club West School Year 2018-2019

Transport is included in the fees and all fees quoted are a daily rate.

All fees are non-refundable in the case of non-attendance, sickness or holidays.

Session #1: 7:30am - 9:00am Session #3: 3:00pm - 6:00pm

The fees are based on the number of days & Sessions you require per week per month. The Fees cover the 38 weeks in the School Year that the school is in session and do not include Prod D Days, Christmas & Spring Breaks. To get a regular Monthly Rate the Fees are averaged out over the 43 weeks of the School Year. Therefore the regular monthly rate is due and payable for each month.

Click Here To Download Our Fee Schedules

Fees are payable monthly by 10 post dated cheques for each School Year.

ALL CHEQUES SHOULD BE DATED THE 1st. OF EACH MONTH and made payable to CAMP RIDGEVIEW, HOLLY HOUSE or ERICO CHILDCARE CONSULTANTS. Please put your child’s last name on your cheques. They should be received on or before the first day your child attends. The fees do not include Pro D Days or Christmas & Spring Breaks.

One Calendar Month's notice is required for any reduction in regular care. Additions to regular care can be made with 24 hours notice.

Session #1: 7.30am - 9.00am $10.00
Session #3: 3.00pm – 6.00pm $20.00

* 24 hours must be given to allow us to organize adequate staffing & is space permitting.


It is not possible for us to offer care for a flexible work schedule. However If your care needs are required for a School Schedule for a 3 month period we may be able to accept your child, enrollment permitting, but we cannot guarantee which Centre your child will attend. This will also be transport permitting.

Additional payment will be required for Non-Instructional Days, Christmas Holidays & Spring Break and will be charged at the rate of $40 per day from 7.30am – 6:00pm. Early Dismissals at 1:50pm are included in fees. Any dismissals over one hour prior to 3:00pm may incur extra charges depending on the time of the dismissal.

All prices are what you pay – there are no hidden extras!

Receipts for Tax purposes will be issued in February each year.

In cases of financial hardship Ministry Child Care Subsidies may be used to assist with the fees.

WE ARE OPEN WHENEVER THE SCHOOL IS NOT ie Professional Development Days, Early Dismissal, Christmas & Spring Break. Registration is necessary for Pro D days & Hols and you will receive a form usually 2 weeks beforehand.

Please note that these days are not included in your monthly fees. Extra charges will apply for any days you register for.

We operate four Childcare Centres at

Ridgeview School - Camp Ridgeview ,

Hollyburn School - Holly House,

Ecole Cedardale - La Maison,

Westcot School – Club West.

Transport is included in the fees.

On Pro D Day & Holidays we provide a morning and afternoon snack, you provide lunch.

We also run a Summer Camp during July & August for 9 weeks. This is separate from the School Year programs and you can book weekly. Registration takes place from April onwards and the program is suitable for Children aged 4 (going into Kindergarten) to 8 years old. We are open from 7:30am to 6:00pm Monday to Friday. The cost is $250 per week for 2018.

We are here to keep your child safe and to make your life easier!